Managing Medication in Schools and Childcare Settings (Now you can do it on-line if you prefer)

Fully accredited Distance Learning Courses at Level 1 and Level 2

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Course Facts

Now you can do the Level 1 and Level 2 course online, if you prefer.


We have provided accredited training for over 9500 school and childcare staff at locations around the UK since 2006. However, we know that some people would prefer to have the flexibility of taking the training when and where it suits them. So, working with One Awards, our accrediting body, we have developed our nationally recognised Managing Medication courses as distance learning Level 1 and Level 2 courses.

So what’s the difference between the Level 1 and the Level 2 Distance Learning Courses?




Course Accreditation

The courses are accredited by ONE Awards to Level 1 and level 2 equivalents. Accreditation is optional and there is no additional charge for accreditation. Details are on the course flyer.

Course Availability

The distance learning courses are available to any education setting that uses the DfE Guidance on supporting pupils with medical conditions. Course bookings can be made at any time by phone or email.

Course Support

Professional guidance and support are available to all students taking the distance learning courses.

Level 1

The 1‐day Level 1 fully accredited course trains staff in the understanding of the latest DfE guidelines on supporting pupils at school with medical conditions. Staff will be equipped with the practical knowledge and information they need to implement the Guidance and examine, assess and improve their own current practice. This course is ideal for staff who are new to managing medication in schools, want a refresher course, or just have a First Aid certificate (The DfE Guidance is clear that a First Aid Certificate is NOT considered to be suitable or appropriate training for managing medication in schools). Please note: A short (and easy) test paper has to be completed to achieve accreditation.

Course cost: £165 + VAT per delegate. Accreditation included in the cost

Level 2

The Level 2 fully accredited course is aimed at staff who want a more detailed and in-depth training in this area of responsibility.  Many areas that are covered briefly in the Level 1 course are covered in detail in the Level 2 training together with much extra material. The Level 2 training also requires the successful completion of a portfolio  of work for accreditation. We generally recommend that students who want to take the Level 2 programme have either taken the Level1 training or are already familiar with the management of medicines in their school.


Course cost: £290 + VAT per delegate. Accreditation included in the cost

What do the Level 1 and the Level 2 Distance Learning Courses cover?

The course content is the same as the Level 1 and Level 2 venue-based courses. Details of the course content can be found by clicking here or by pressing the course information button at the top of the page

How to register on the Distance Learning Courses and how it works once you have registered

To Register

Contact ESP by email at: or phone on 01642 803454



We will email your course registration invoice together with course instructions.


Paying for the course

Once you have paid your registration fee we will send you the web page and password information so you can access all the course material and the test paper/portfolio worksheets.


The fun bit

Alright - maybe some work as well! Read through the course hand book provided. Take your time- there is a lot of material to digest and get your head round especially in the Level 2 course. One you have got the material under your belt take a look at the test paper or portfolio. Be prepared to go back to the hand book and think about what you currently do in your school and when you are ready start work on the test/paper or portfolio. The handbook is your to keep as a reference - you don't have to give it back! And if you have any questions email us.


Test and Portfolio Submission

You can submit your test paper or portfolio at any time within a 12-month period from the date of registration and once you have completed your test paper/portfolio, email it back to us for submission to One Awards. One Awards then issue the Certificates.



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