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ESP provides professional services in key sectors of the education, business, Government and the voluntary and community sectors.


Our trainers, consultants and event management staff can help you through their wealth of knowledge and experience deal effectively with the challenges of recession in your business or organization, ensuring your staff are amongst the most knowledgeable in their fields and not only demonstrate their ability, but also apply it on a regular day-to-day basis.



When and where?

ESP has been providing services to education since 2007 and works at locations across the UK

Who are ESP's typical clients?

Clients include schools, private and public sector organisations, Local Authorities, Government departments, NGOs and many others

Professional Development and Training

Meeting your Professional and Personal Development Needs

ESP is a One Awards Accredited Training Centre. We can provide tailored training and professional development in your premises to help your staff acquire new skills and succeed in an increasingly demanding environment. We also run programmes of open training events which are advertised on this site. ESP staff have run over 200 training events for more than 4000 clients.

Consultancy and Advisory Services

Applying National and International Expertise and Knowledge, Delivering Solutions and Success

ESP provides expert value-based short and long-term consulting services to our clients. We work collaboratively to bring you a range of consulting expertise in a cost-effective way delivering real value and making a positive contribution to the achievement of your new operational and institutional goals. We offer short and long term consultancy services in all sectors including follow-up and evaluation support. ESP staff have provided consultancy support to Government, Local Authorities and private sector businesses.




How is ESP managed

ESP is managed and run by staff with long experience in the education and commercial sectors. Our team of trainers and consultants are all nationally recognised and respected in their fields.

Why should I contact ESP?

If you want to access the types of skills and expertise listed on the left, talk to us. We can provide staff for short or long term contracts and services, at a reasonable cost.

Where does ESP source its expertise?

In addition to the specialized skills of the Directors, ESP works with a stable of carefully selected experts in many fields.

Event Management

Achieving Success through Effective Networking and Communication, ESP’s cost-effective, creative, high quality and professional event management service focuses on the needs of our clients. We specialize in working with businesses, Local Authorities and regional and national Government, designing and managing successful events to demanding budget and time constraints. ESP staff have run nearly 100 conferences, seminars and exhibitions throughout the UK.


Who are the ESP Directors?

ESP is managed by the two founders and Directors, Dr Rennie May and Kim May. Both have extensive experience of running service-based and community organisations.

Research and Evaluation

Ensuring Informed Decision-Making through Knowledge and Effective Analysis

ESP staff have an outstanding record of providing high quality, evidence-based research for practitioners and managers.

We can provide guidance and advice, ensure first class questionnaire design and manage data collection and analysis to support our outstanding report writing and presentation skills.  We specialize in identifying and implementing the right methodology and tools to evaluate projects, initiatives and organizational developments.  ESP staff have provided R & E support for over 7 years throughout the north east

Operational Support Services

Giving your Professional Staff Room to Focus on their Core Activities

ESP is an established and respected provider of operational and administrative support services for business, Local Authorities and local and national partnerships. We provide outstanding professional services, including outsourced services, allowing our client’s professional staff to focus on their core roles. ESP staff have set up and run regional organizations and operations for Government Office and nationally funded bodies since 2002.

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ESP is a One Awards Accredited Training Centre providing high quality professional services mainly to schools and child care settings across the UK.

ESP offers a full range of outstanding, innovative professional training and related services founded on an internationally recognized and proven reputation for excellence and success.

  • Early Years
  • Local Authority
  • Nursery
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Special Schools

Head Office

109-111 Parliament Road, Middlesbrough TS1 4JE


01642 803454



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